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Pneumatic testing guns for tubes
With a view to solving the problem of pneumatically testing the leakage in the tube and in the junctions between tube and tube sheet in heat exchangers when assembled , operative or in use, PIPE LTD recommends the guns of the G series which are fast, efficient, easy to use and to handle.


It is used to test single lengths, U-shaped tubes, or tubes with only one end open; the kit is composed of an air gun and a tube plugging gun (in case of tubes open at both ends).

They have been conceived to pneumatically test the leakage of the smallest hole. They weigh 1 Kg they are made in aluminium; they make it possible to test tubes with ID from 0,280" to 1,230".
After making the gaskets of both guns expand simultaneously and after the pressure has stabilised inside the tube, every small leakage is easily detected.


This gun is referred to as a vacuum gun as it has been conceived to test the gasket between the tube and the tube-sheet creating a vacuum in the junction area between the two parts.

This gun weighs 1 kg it is made in aluminium, it is very easy to handle and makes it possible to test tubes with ID from 0,250 to 2,375. Any leakage can be easily detected after having expanded the gasket, created and stabilized the vacuum in the junction area.


Conceived to test an entiretube when it can be accessed only from one end. It is supplied with a connection and fixed test length; it is available in lengths from 2 to 6 feet (from 0.61 to 1.83 mt.).

The test length can be assembled up to a length of 24 feet (7.32 mt.) It weighs 1Kg approx. as it is made in aluminium; it is very easy to handle. Tubes with ID from 0,480 to 1,230" can be tested.
After inserting the entire test length and expanding the two gaskets at the ends and after the pressure has stabilised inside the tube, the slightest leakage will be easily detected.



Inside testing micrometer caliper

PIPE LTD recommends F/700: mechanical solution with 2 points and F/701: digital solution with 3 point which measure diameters from 6 up to 100 mm and reaches a depth of 500 mm.

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