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Minirol Pneumatic Rolling Machine

Up to ½" Tube Diameter

Mini torque controlled pneumatic rolling machines with automatic reverse for the rolling of tubes up to ½” o/d.

The Minirol has been specifically designed for the rolling of small diameter tubes up to ½” o/d . The Minirol features;

• Fast optimized rolling cycle
• Adjustable torque control incorporated
• Automatic rotation reverse after rolling
• Guaranteed uniform expansions
• Aluminium construction, light, robust and easy to handle

Macrol Pneumatic Rolling Machine

Challenge 15 Plate Bevelling Machines Up to 2¼" Tube Diameter

Torque controlled pneumatic rolling machines for tubes up to 2 ¼” o/d

The Macrol has been designed specifically for working in building yards and for external maintenance of chemical and petrochemical plants. The Macrol features;

• Aluminium construction, light, yet sturdy and easy to handle for the rolling of tubes.
• Incorporated torque control adjustable system.
• Guaranteed working uniformity.


Masterol Pneumatic Rolling Machine

Challenge 15 Plate Bevelling MachineUp to 4" Tube Diameter

Right Angle drive torque control pneumatic rolling machines for tubes up to 4”

The Masterol is particularly suitable for rolling tubes in boilers. The Masterol features;

• Aluminium construction, light, yet sturdy and easy to handle for the rolling of tubes.
• Incorporated adjustable torque control.
• Guaranteed working uniformity.
• Thanks to its 360° maneuverability, it can work even in places with minimal access.


MRS(F90/V3) Rolling Equipment with electronic torque control

Challenge 26 Plate Bevelling Machines

In the field of tube expansion in heat exchangers and boilers, Pipe Ltd recommend the use of rolling equipment with electronic torque control. The MRS combines high quality, sturdiness and reliability with low cost; it suits all kinds of applications in heavy metalworkings, refineries, power plants, shipyards and sugar mills.

The main characteristics of the MRS system are the following:
Great versatility: It is possible to equip the unit with rolling motors having different speeds and powers according to the jobs to be executed.
Extremely simple to use: It does not require skilled personel.

Simple and tested electronics
Low purchasing price and low maintainence requirements
Precision and high work reliability

The MRS system uses the electronic control unit F90 V3 which permits the automatic compensation of tolerances which are always found in the diameter of tubesheet holes as well as in the tube gauge.
The calibration of the control unit carried out during suitable preliminary tests making it possible to have a sure and uniform tightness of all the tubes at the working pressure of the thermal exchange units.

The main characteristics are:
• Setting of expansion values
• Simple use
• Programmable continuous cycle
• Repeatability tolerance lower than 4%
• Rolling of tubes from 6mm to 120mm according to the rolling motor utilized

The MRS system is available with a range of rolling motors, including portable models and models for use with a trolley or a simple frame unit depending on the application.

Why not call us and let us help advise you of the best system for your application.


Hydraulic single or twin head tube rolling equipment with electric torque control

Hydrol hydraulic unit, supplied with expansion setting control, has compact dimensions, for easy transport and movement on site. Torque value is regulated by an adjusting pressure setting on the hydraulic unit. Different HM hydraulic tube rolling heads sizes are available to cover main expansion technical requirements, in accordance with tube dimensions and required expansion characteristics.
The Hydrol unit is inclusive of one (for Hydrol 20.1) or two (for Hydrol 40.2) remote controls (suitable for small or difficult reachable places) with three-push buttons for start/reverse/emergency stop.


Hydrex 5002

High-pressure hydraulic expanding equipment with constant pressure control for fixing heat exchanger tubes - I.D. tube expansion from 3/8"up to 2" (9,5 to 50,8 mm).

This is the latest version of hydraulic expanding machine which operates at very high pressure and is controlled by 1 PLC and 1 graphic touch screen interface console for lining up and fixing tubes of heat exchangers.

The new version ensures:
Absence of metal scale
Absence of material work hardening.


Automatic rolling, facing and welding single-axis working centre
Automatic solution for the serial production of of small and medium size heat exchangers.
Reduced version of the MA-2501, it keeps the high technology in the expansion and facing. MA-500 full optional version consists of:

Self-learning centering system

Device for checking tube projection

One CNC controlled axis for the execution of: step by step expansion and facing


Automatic rolling, facing and welding double-axis working centre

MA-2501 is the most innovative and efficient solution for automating working cycles for the assembly of medium/large heat exchangers with standard XY stroke of 2500 mm (100") useful standard range .
MA 2501 full optional version is consisting of made up of:
Hydraulic base for precise and quick alignment to the tube sheet
Self-learning centering system
Two CNC controlled axes, working independently and contemporaneously on two tubes, for the execution of: step by step expansion, facing and tube to tube-sheet TIG orbital welding
Device for checking tube projection

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