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Kattex Tube Cutter

The Kattex is a single internal tube cutting machine for the instantaneous cutting of tubes. Particularly useful for fixed plate type exchangers. Use of the Kattex ensures a clean result and in very little time for the purpose of dismantling or partially re-tubing a tube bundle during maintainence. The concept being to incise into the tube before using the stub puller(Grippul series).

Cutting of the tube is completed in under 10 seconds!!!!

F/794 Motor Operated Tube Cutter

Tube cutter designed for the use in maintenance of heat exchangers and boilers. Can be driven by an electric or pneumatic drill unit dependent on the material to be cut.

F/790 Single Revolution Tube Cutter

This tool is designed for hand operation to cut tubes of up to 1½” i/d. In one clockwise revolution the tube is cut, rotate the tool anti-clockwise to retract the blade and remove the tool.

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