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Pneumatic de-scalers with stiff extensible rods for heat exchanger tubes.
They are equipped with a tool water cooling system and they are the simplest and most effective solution for de-scaling heat exchanger tubes, even totally clogged tubes.



Pneumatic and electric scaling equipment

Designed for the correct maintenance and inside cleaning of boilers pipes, exchangers, refrigerators, condensers, and also of pipes and tubes in chemical and food plants and so on.
PIPE LTD have different kinds of scaling units to propose: pneumatic and electric, turbine and flexible shaft version, according to the needs. A complete range of accessories and tools for dealing with the most varied problems.


Hydrodynamic de-scaler for heat-exchangers with electric motor.

Our high pressure hydraulic descalers for heat exchangers are an indispensable supplement to our already wide range of machines for use in the chemical industry, refineries and petrochemical plants.
We supply our de-scalers already assembled on a mobile four-wheeled unit and are complete with all the devices and high quality components necessary to guarantee absolute safety, resistance and perfect operation.
The Idroscal model has a triplex plunger pump, manometer and mechanical pressure gauge, safety valve, coupling joint and joint cover, piping and fittings.Upon request we can also supply explosion-proof electric motors

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